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Americans in Athens

This article offers a critical account of socially-engaged works by United States artists at documenta in Athens, Greece, in 2017. Focusing on William Pope.L’s Whispering Campaign and Rick Lowe’s Victoria Square Project, this article examines the status of Greek history for works by international artists and the challenges of transplanting long-running artistic strategies to new locations. It argues that social practices face the same challenges of translation as artworks in other media, and that social practice is, ultimately, site specific. Continue reading

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Diagnostische Unterbrechungen

This essay reviews Johanna Brauns book All-American-Gothic Girl (2017) to reflect the authors method of hauntology as both a scientific and artistic way of research. This is to open up a twofold perspective onto the specific Girl that Braun examines through narratives in literature, film, and series: namely, how the Gothic Girl functions as a mediator of the legal system and its empty spaces, such as how the author herself occupies a transitory position through disciplines and subject-figurations to write in the name of the All-American-Gothic Girl. Braun does so by linking gender to architecture and law, or rather to the architecture of law. Thereby she raises urgent questions regarding the polyphone history of the United States, haunted by its colonial past. Continue reading

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