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Since our first issue in 2011 all-over has evolved from a student project to a peer-reviewed journal, always committed to open access, critical curiosity and supporting emerging scholars. Every issue featured an artist, who engaged with the specificities of the … Continue reading

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Institutional Transpositions

It is not that we never had music or sound-based work in our museums and art galleries before. Although the following account brackets, for the sake of expediency, the entire history of music’s prior excursions into institutions of visual art … Continue reading

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I. Ein aufgeschlagenes Buch liegt auf einem Tisch.2 Es muss liegen, denn es ist zu groß, um komfortabel in der Hand gehalten und gelesen werden zu können. Die Papierbögen wölben sich im geöffneten Zustand. Vom Falz ausgehend biegen sie sich … Continue reading

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To Tell The Truth

The City of Waterloo in Belgium has been a motive for artists and writers ever since it was the scene of the final defeat of the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte on June 18, 1815. Already in 1817, William Turner visited the … Continue reading

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