I want You to want Me

Matt Taber, I want You to want Me, 2015
5 aggregates of webcontent, 1 set of wallpapers, 6 digital images.

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It is really simple, says Gilles Deleuze in his Abécédaire, you do not desire a woman, you also desire the environment she wraps herself in. Accordingly, you probably would not wish for a jacuzzi filled from a miniature waterfall complete with modeled wooded cliffs, but you may get lost in the whole theme of adventure and travel envisioned in the “Up, Up & Away” suite at the Don Q Inn, Wisconsin. It’s all about the relations and constellations wherein things appear, and that opens the door for all kinds of substitutes, miniatures, fetishes.

The disguises of desire and its impacts on our experience of the world we live in are mirrored in Matt Taber’s contribution to the 9th issue of all-over. Taber has combined his own work – or rather placeholders for and images taken from his work – with found web content. The links and GIF-wallpapers he has collected are integrated into the all-over website to create a digital space pastiche out of the magazine’s contents and some major themes of Taber’s current work. The pdf version features an additional series of images, combining a videostill-cum-selfportrait with several interior views of the installations 9 rooms (2014) and of Intermission 1 (2014).

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