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A Very Nuanced Scandal

The following article will explore “one of the greatest scandals in art circles in Vienna around 1900,” and a defining experience for a dominant figure in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna: the affair around Gustav Klimt’s rejected University Paintings (1900–1905). Numerous authors have applied the trope of the misunderstood genius to Klimt, due to this affair. In this contribution, I will demonstrate that this narrative mythologises and distorts a much more complex and nuanced debate. I argue that the University Paintings affair was not a clash between the prudes of the ‘Establishment’ and a heroic, unflinching artist and his unusually open-minded supporters. Rather, the scandal revolves around much more nuanced – and a lot less sensationalist – questions about the freedom and constraints of applied works of art. Continue reading

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Diagnostische Unterbrechungen

This essay reviews Johanna Brauns book All-American-Gothic Girl (2017) to reflect the authors method of hauntology as both a scientific and artistic way of research. This is to open up a twofold perspective onto the specific Girl that Braun examines through narratives in literature, film, and series: namely, how the Gothic Girl functions as a mediator of the legal system and its empty spaces, such as how the author herself occupies a transitory position through disciplines and subject-figurations to write in the name of the All-American-Gothic Girl. Braun does so by linking gender to architecture and law, or rather to the architecture of law. Thereby she raises urgent questions regarding the polyphone history of the United States, haunted by its colonial past. Continue reading

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Begegnung mit einem Phantom

Was hätte Virginia Woolf zur heutigen Situation der Frauen im sogenannten Westen gesagt? Und was zur feministischen Theorieproduktion, die unter anderem aus A Room on One’s Own1 Inspiration bezog? Die Philosophin und Künstlerin Meike Gleim gibt ihren Spekulationen einen diskursiven … Continue reading

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Nuclear (in)securities

On the 3rd of January 2018, the President of the United States of America tweeted in reply to the threats made by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un: “…I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger … Continue reading

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