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Shifting Perspectives1

Upon entering documenta Halle in Kassel, visitors were greeted by a configuration of brightly colored masks. Although their sweeping shapes and exaggerated facial expressions were mostly made of red cedar wood and acrylic paint, they seemed to come alive, shoving … Continue reading

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Moderne im Archiv

„Archival art“, so schreibt Hal Foster in seinem 2004 erschienenen Essay über den archivalischen Impuls in der Gegenwartskunst, „[has] its utopian ambition – its desire to turn belatedness into becomingness, to recoup failed visions in art, literature, philosophy, and everyday … Continue reading

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A Very Nuanced Scandal

The following article will explore “one of the greatest scandals in art circles in Vienna around 1900,” and a defining experience for a dominant figure in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna: the affair around Gustav Klimt’s rejected University Paintings (1900–1905). Numerous authors have applied the trope of the misunderstood genius to Klimt, due to this affair. In this contribution, I will demonstrate that this narrative mythologises and distorts a much more complex and nuanced debate. I argue that the University Paintings affair was not a clash between the prudes of the ‘Establishment’ and a heroic, unflinching artist and his unusually open-minded supporters. Rather, the scandal revolves around much more nuanced – and a lot less sensationalist – questions about the freedom and constraints of applied works of art. Continue reading

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Ceci n’est pas …

Die Verbindung von Bild und Text reicht bis in die Anfänge der Verschriftlichung der Sprache zurück, bevor Bild und Text in der Auseinandersetzung um die Macht des Bildes im reformatorischen Bildersturm entzweit1 und erst wieder durch die Avantgarde im 19. Jahrhundert … Continue reading

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Poeto-forensische Ozeanographie

„Man kann keine Rede über die ‚Trauerarbeit‘ halten, ohne an ihr teilzuhaben, ohne am Tod Anteil zu haben, und zwar zunächst am eignen Tod. […] man sollte sagen können, wie ich es neulich gewagt habe, daß jede Arbeit auch eine … Continue reading

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